About Us

The Village Halls Consortium (also known as TVHC) was founded in 1995 and aims to improve the quality of life experienced in Teesdale’s communities by improving the facilities, access, fabric and activities within Village Halls and Community Buildings. The organisation recently registered in April 2017 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

The Consortium is composed of volunteers from the management committees of 36 member community buildings in Teesdale, the surrounding areas and people from interested partner organisations.

The Village Halls Consortium Objectives

1. To support provision of improved and more accessible facilities and services at local community buildings to meet community needs
2. To encourage participation in capacity building training opportunities
3. To develop effective communication between the members and other local organisations which are interested in community development
4. To improve the long-term viability of the community buildings as rural assets for the benefit of all residents.

The Consortium is a registered charity and a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation) with registered Charity number 1172429

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Registered Charity Number 1172429