Millie Bright column: Women’s football getting bigger – we want to reach level of men’s game

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Italian soccer should employ English-style punishments to supporters guilty of racism, states Gianni Infantino, the president of world governing body Fifa.
Sunday’s game between Atalanta and Fiorentina was halted after reports of chanting.
In England, enthusiasts who take part in stereotypical behavior face arena bans.
“You can not have racism in society or in football,” explained Infantino. “In Italy, the problem hasn’t improved.”
The Brazilian Dalbert of fiorentina told that the referee he had become the target of racist chanting and the Serie A match, which ended 2-2, was suspended.
A statement has been read over the public address system and the game continued.
Last week, Cagliari were rid of chanting towards Inter Milan striker Romelu Lukaku in a Serie A match.
That was the time Cagliari were researched for alleged abuse in the last two decades. Previous cases involved Moise Kean, the Italy forward today and France midfielder Blaise Matuidi,” Kean’s then Juventus team-mate – but no action was taken on either occasion.
“Racism is combated by schooling, condemnation and discussion,” additional Infantino.
“You want to identify those responsible and toss them from the stadiums. You Require, like in England. You can not be scared to condemn racists, we will need to combat them till they stop.”
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