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The venerable Resorts has been the primary casino to open after the legalization of Atlantic City casino gambling.
After then-New Jersey Gov. Brendan Byrne cut the grand opening ribbon in Resorts in May 1978, thus began a rollercoaster of casino/resort openings, closings, re-openings, refurbishments up and down the Boardwalk.
Resorts remains strong in the core of Atlantic City, and they welcomed their new amenity, the DraftKings SportsbookNovember 2018.
DraftKings initially was focused on fantasy sports. But along with its cohort along with challenger, FanDuel, it’s a relative newcomer into this lawful sports. DraftKings has more than held its own over the mobile front versus names like Caesars, William Hill, along with MGM.
And they also make a solid showing in the front in concert with Resorts.
I’ve been reviewing every single NJ retail sportsbook in advance of the NFL season, also I am looking intently at DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts in Atlantic City.
Address: 1133 Boardwalk, Atlantic City
Resorts is in the heart of Atlantic City’s”Boardwalk Strip.”
The new DraftKings place is not difficult to discover in the boardwalk entrance. Resorts provides amenities such as numerous dining bar, and a spa and club choices as well as all of the casino action.
Like Atlantic City casinos, even if you aren’t a hotel guest or a loyalty cardholder, you are going to be hit with a $20 charge for. Not ideal, but it is the cost of”doing business” in AC.
It ‘s feet and has a whole capacity of almost 400 Even though the DraftKings distance feels little. The inside d??cor and color scheme are decorated in”DK colors” of green and black. The branding is subtle but on point with fuzzy”kings crowns” located across the space.
Besides the opulent d??cor would be the quantities of kiosks adjacent to the sport bar and situated in the entrance.
All told, you’ll find 18 self-serve terminals in the space, equaling just FanDuel at the Meadowlands (wait, are such daily-fantasy-turned-sportsbook operators on something?) For kiosks in NJ’s number sportsbooks.
The teller space, which can be tucked into a corner is offset by the kiosks. It is a little space with capacity for as many as five tellers.
Even though the noted dimensions (5,000 square feet) and capacity (396) is large, the book feels much smaller and cozier. With low ceilings and bigger format movie screens, it will have a comparable”Fan Cave” feel comparable to, say, the Golden Nugget publication.
Againnot a terrible thing DK has done an outstanding job frees the distance they have to utilize.
The Resorts sportsbook has a rectangular shape at one its sportsbook place with 2 offshoots and teller place. The primary viewing area contains four main large screens which aren’t”giant” by any means but fit the space allotted.
Under the four video displays are 10 smaller displays for sport action. There’s a ticker screen scrolling an odds and data wall and updates and the scores .
DraftKings'”fire marshal” ability of 396 belies the reality that there is somewhat limited seating in the primary sportsbook area. You will find 40 theater seats anchoring the primary viewing area. For a support partition will obscure some of the displays for the ones that are currently sitting behind it, there’s a small design defect in this area.
Additionally, the bar area has chairs. That is a total of 70 chairs, not counting the space in the four VIP regions that could seat up to 48 more.
You will find five live betting windows adjacent to the bar.
While my visit wasn’t in a”peak” period, an individual could visualize some crowd issues at busier times, with people wedged into the corner of the space.
RATING: 3.5 stars
DraftKings knocks it out of the park with 18 kiosks throughout their own space. What’s even better is that the majority of machines are available and accessible 24 hours each day. Properly done, DK.
RATING: 5 stars
The teller minimum is $5. This higher”live-teller” minimum is offset by the user-friendly kiosksthat are at a low $1 minimum.
RATING: 4 stars
One isn’t overwhelmed with displays in the Resorts publication. The TV screens are serviceable, with no”wow” impact.
There are four displays in the main viewing area and four more in the VIP area. All the screens in the viewing area and adjacent to the pub are a format.
Not the best situation for seeing NFL Sunday in actions.
RATING: 3 stars

The”non-VIP” seating capacity is approximately 70. Yes, even the 40 seats in the primary viewing area are exceptional; I wish there were .
The 15-seat back rail does come with power outlets (a nice touch). The VIP areas are recorded to hold up to 12 people (12 are the absolute maximum ) and includes plush leather sofas and low tables. It seems”VIP-ish,” as the four areas have been consecutively adjoined (not personal ) with one big screen that can be set to whichever game you would like to see.
RATING: 3.5 stars
The day-to-day seating access is”first-come, first-serve,” together with the VIP areas available to be booked beforehand.
RATING: 4 stars
Like other AC sportsbook locations, the casino has been constructed before the launching of the sportsbook. While a few other books have limited to no food choices (i.e., leave the novel to come across the food court), DraftKings Sportsbook presents some sound choices if you decide to not ever leave your chair or even the sportsbook itself.
In addition to this large bar in the publication, you’ll find drinks available via table support and”Happy Hour” discounted beverage pricing on Sunday-Thursday in 2-7 p.m.
The menu is brief, but solid featuring some conventional sports pub food including burgers, hot dogs and chicken wings but also a few other unique offerings featuring quesadillas, chicken parm, and meat rolls.
RATING: 4.5 stars
On my visit, you will find four DraftKings personnel and all were explain bets, customer focused to answer questions, or teach how to use the self-betting kiosks.
DK has pinpointed the lines newspaper screen. There is a wall opposite the bar that shows an array of screens that are prospective and lines. Screens is a seemingly endless row of paper sheets. Well done, DK!
RATING: 5 stars
Resorts Casino is in the heart of the Atlantic City Boardwalk. This location is reflected in the self-parking pricing of 20. Yecch!
RATING: 2 stars
As highlighted before, Resorts has a large number of choices under its roof as well for whatever”non-sports betting” frame of mind which you may chance to be in, there is something for everyone.
The location in the center of the Boardwalk makes it simple for you to travel down or up the boardwalk to find entertainment options, as mentioned.
RATING: 4.5 stars
As part of every sportsbook visit, I’m putting a wager for the year old.
Using its 18 kiosks adorned during the area, it was only reasonable that I made this wager. With props and futures, the DraftKings kiosks are filled in addition to the lower bet minimums of 1 you don’t find at the publication on display.
After looking at some NFL possible bets round”NFL team to acquire against the maximum matches” and”NFL defensive rookie of the year,” I took a shot at”Last NFL team to be undefeated at the 2019-20 season.”
Superior luck and go get’em, New Orleans Saints:
The Resorts sportsbook provides some amenities that are available at other Atlantic City sportsbooks. DraftKings scores solid marks in the regions of ordering, seats, and an extraordinary number of kiosks.
The cries on DraftKings in Resorts stem from its allotted space within the Resorts space. The TV screens are on the side in relation along with the seating capacity is to the low side.
When given a free rein to look a space from scratch, then one assumes that DraftKings would do things differently, however they need to do the best with all the space available.
So the downsides are outweighed by the positives. Combined with a favorable customer-service strategy and commitment, it will put the DraftKings Sportsbook at Resorts around the”must-consider” set for a trip during the upcoming school and NFL seasons.

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