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TVHC wins prestigious award


The Consortium was recognised as a flagship centre for delivering the Net Gain programme at an awards ceremony held by ruralnet uk at Warwick on 29th June.

Fergus Arkley

Fergus Arkley, Coordinator of the Consortium (pictured here receiving the award) has delivered several workshops helping local community groups to develop IT strategies for their organisations.
TVHC were chosen as a flagship centre as they were developing at the same time as the national net: gain team and have been identified as an example and inspiration to other centres. The Consortium received 1500 as well as the award.
TVHC were praised for taking on the programme with huge energy and enthusiasm with the promise to lead the whole region if they get the chance. The Consortium was one of the first to adopt the net:gain concept for their own organisation and the first to run a second workshop ,and we have helped rural:net to understand how net:gain could be viable in a rural situation.
The event was attended by over 100 stakeholders including frontline rural and urban voluntary organisations, funders and regeneration agencies. It was designed as an opportunity for delegates to strengthen relationships with existing partners and start new ones with others.

The awards were sponsored by UFI (University for Industry) and each award was presented by Helen Milner, Director, e-Services Strategy (UFI).