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Community Buildings Reference Packs


In the Summer before our AGM each Community Building was sent one of our Community Buildings Reference Packs. These are full of important information and can be kept and added to in your community building. Included were grant application forms, your username and password for uploading events and a whole host of other bits and pieces. If you have anything which other communities may benefit from please do get in touch and we will send it to them on your behalf.


Remember each of our Village Halls and Community Buildings has an area to display and showcase what is on offer. Each member hall has a login username and password to access and edit their personal area. Details linked to the village and the village hall can be added. Information on what each hall has to offer and events being held can all be edited and added.


If you have forgotten your username and password please do not hesitate to contact Sarah on and she can refresh your usernames and passwords. If you require assistance or a reminder of how to edit your page just ask and help is at hand.