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Tudor Trust

Tudor is an independent grant-making trust which supports organisations working across the UK. They aim to support work which addresses the social, emotional and financial needs of people at the margins of our society, and are particularly interested in helping smaller, under-resourced organisations which offer direct services and which involve the people they work with in their planning.

Tudor's focus is on smaller groups, led by people of vision, which are committed to growth, progression and development. Some of the other characteristics they are looking for when they make grants include:

  • Organisations which are embedded in and have developed out of their community - whether the local area or a 'community of interest'
  • Organisations providing direct services to marginalised people
  • A focus on building stronger communities by overcoming isolation and fragmentation and encouraging inclusion, connection and integration
  • High levels of user involvement, and an emphasis on self-help where this is appropriate
  • Work which addresses complex and multi-stranded, often difficult, problems in unusual or imaginative ways
  • Organisations which are thoughtful in their use of resources and which foster community resilience in the face of environmental, economic or social change
  • Organisations and people who know what difference they want to make and have the energy and vision to make it happen

They can only consider making a capital grant for new premises or for building improvements if the organisations using the building display some of these key characteristics. Good buildings which contribute positively to their environment are important, but they are most interested in what goes on inside the building and the difference building improvements would make to your work.


Address: The Tudor Trust, 7 Ladbroke Grove, London, W11 3BD

Telephone: 020 7727 8522