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02 It's Your Community

The 02 It's Your Community programme is getting focused with their awards by helping connect young people into their communities. Making things better, bit by bit, with the help of awards from 100 to 1,000.

Some examples of the types of project that can be funded:

  • Rebuild and Restore - clean up and paint your youth centre, create a meeting place, restore your bus shelter.
  • Cultural - providing art materials and computers for your group, equipment for your band or an internet site for your community. Plays, musicals, dances, readers, writers, artists and choirs - we could help you.
  • Active - whether you're a football, cricket, rugby rowing or BMX group we can help with equipment (although we can't kit out individuals).
  • Green and Clean - setting up, supporting and supplying your community gardens, woodlands, beaches and paths. Improving public access to river banks and green space; conserving your environment - if you need materials and equipment, we can help.


Telephone: 0800 902 0250