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  • Sat

    Katie Doherty and the Navigators

    7:30 pmMickleton Village Hall
    Katie Doherty formed the Navigators in 2018. Their power and dynamic is often described as much bigger than its component parts. Katie’s songs hang on the precipice of the current state of the world. There is enormous heart filled hope but there is much riding on where we go from here. The songs paint sweeping pictures and intricate portraits of NHS Workers, Musicians, Teachers, Artists, Protesters and Parents. They are rooted in a craggy North East landscape looking outwards across the sea, with a telescopic lens pointing firmly up, out and forward to the best future possible.
    Listen for echos of Regina Spektor, Nancy Kerr, Guy Garvey and Anais Mitchell all of whose influence can be found within the sound of FLOW.
    The music exudes heart, warmth and melody which leaves you feeling uplifted and welcomed.
    * With support from local Teesdale musicians Florence Backes and Nigel Fletcher