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  • Fri

    Teesdale Cinema Club presents: 'Belfast' cert 12

    7:00 pmMickleton Village Hall

    Starring: Jude Hill, Judi Dench, Jamie Dornan

    Director & Writer: Kenneth Branaugh

    Brief synopsis: Kenneth Branaugh's Belfast is an autobiographical account from his childhood. It depicts a story about a young boy and his working class family experiencing the tumultuous late 1960s in the hometown of Belfast. I'm going to say it, I've never been taken away by Branaugh's direction in the past. He's a great actor and all, but when it comes to filmmaking, everything I've seen from him has either just been okay or disappointed. Maybe it's because he's never made something as personal as this. Though I don't think it's as wonderful as everyone makes it out to be, I did find myself enjoying Belfast. It manages to create a story centered around family and what it feels like to be a child growing up in a place that's dear to you. With the story being almost auto-biographical, you see the world as Branaugh did. It's a fun and lovely story, even if it touches on heavier subjects like loss and riots. I found the screenplay to be written well. Honestly, this movie could very well be considered a comedy. It's full of humor and light. Still, it can play out a bit melodramatic, especially the end. The ending for me was a little abrupt. I was told there was going to be a scene full of emotion to make everyone cry, but that moment passed and it was the end. I'm glad it ended on that note instead of Branaugh's original ending which had a documentary sort of thing going on and him returning to Belfast. Luckily we have editors to cut things out.

    Runtime: 98 mins

    Show £2.50 including Tea & Biscuits